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Neil Staunton
Neil Staunton


With only a few weeks left until the start of S2DS 2015 we are incredibly pleased and proud to introduce the latest addition to the Pivigo team: Neil Staunton joining us as Head of Partnerships. Neil, with his background in tech sales and partnership building was the perfect fit for us, and we look forward to having him around, helping us drive our business forward. But instead of us introducing him, we asked him to introduce himself.

A personal message from Pivigo’s new Head of Partnerships:

I have been in sales and partnerships for the past 15 years and most recently solving business problems with Google solutions. I started off my career in advertising and then joined the greatest technology company on earth, Microsoft. Although a great company, the size meant I was a cog in a gigantic machine and to feel like I am making a real impact I knew my destiny was within the start-up community, therefore I searched for an exciting start-up to realise their potential. I am convinced after looking for many years I have found it with Pivigo.

Joining Pivigo was a decision that I made from a gut feeling after some encouragement from one Pivigo investor. I always had the need in me to want to make the world a better place, but never found the way to make a great impact. When I considered Pivigo I asked myself two things, 1. Can I be the best person for the job? 2. Will Pivigo speed up the Big Data agenda for environmental, economic and social good? The answer was a BIG YES and that was that.

My goal is to match the right business partners with the right data scientists in the right project environments to make change. We have an incredible opportunity here at Pivigo, which is taking the Science to Data Science programme to all corners of the Earth through our online platform that fills the skills shortage and creates intellectual property for business partners, which will speed up how businesses use data to inform their decisions.

Irish born and have lived in England for the past 27 years, mainly in Royal Leamington Spa and now moved to London so I can walk to work. I am the proud Dad of twin daughters that are gorgeous, smart and thoughtful. I am a keen sportsman and play Squash for my club and county, whilst also volunteering my time for a not-for-profit Tennis & Squash Club as Squash Chairman and Executive Director of the Club. Recently I have been nominated and become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, which is a 260 year old member organisation with 30,000 Fellows that act as agents for social change by expanding the frontiers of knowledge.

I look forward to the foreseeable future, and making change with Pivigo.

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