2015 – A Pivigo Year in Review

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By Maya Dillon, Pivigo Community Manager

At a time when everyone is writing about their expectations and prophesying about what 2016 will bring, we at Pivigo have decided to take a moment and reflect first on that which has gone before.

Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go. James Baldwin: American Writer, Poet, Civil Rights Activist (1924 -1987)

2015 was a phenomenal year packed with new beginnings, celebrations and recognitions. To mitigate the risk of creating the biggest blog piece ever, we take a look at just a handful of those moments.

Reunion 2015New Year may have started off with a bang but the party and celebrations continued well into February, when Pivigo organised the first ever S2DS Reunion. As an S2DS 2014 Fellow myself, I have to say it was wonderful to catch up with my friends – the next generation of Data Scientists, and celebrate their achievements and new roles. How far we had come in such a short space of time.

dataiqThen, whilst many of us – myself included, began the year with a promise to get fitter, work harder and generally be more awesome, Dr Kim Nilsson was already ahead of the curve; our CEO began the year with being recognised and a “Top 100 influencer in the Big Data Sector” as nominated by DataIQ.

Digital Shoreditch in May, was, as it is every year, packed with the talks and events from all the new cool start-ups in London. Here we presented a Panel Debate: “Hunting Data Science Unicorns” with the help of Pete Williams from Marks and Spencer, Tao Cheng from UCL, and Rob Hick from Bright North, and engaged in quite a rousing debate concerning the talent gap for data skills.

digitalshoreditchJune was quite the emotional month. We moved offices from Moorgate to our new digs in Kings Cross. I love our airy building with the rooftop terrace, but no sooner had we unpacked our bags, and put the kettle on, did we welcome on board our squash playing, sharp dressed, cheeky humoured, Head of Partnerships: Neil Staunton.

newofficegarden August is S2DS London! We didn’t get long to settle into our new surroundings before we found ourselves fully immersed into the wonderful data science bonanza that is S2DS London. Another fantastic year working with 80+ incredibly talented Data Scientists on 22 projects, with innovative companies such as Marks and Spencer, Royal Mail, Hive and more. Check out the video of the event!

s2dsAs soon as the Data Science Summer School came to a close, without stopping for a breath, in September we launched the Data Science Ambassador programme – the first of its kind, it’s been designed to get academic institutions and organisations excited about data science careers. Pivigo’s objective in all of this is to promote the passion and debate around Data Science, if you think this is something you could get into, why not check us out.

In October we ran the inaugural S2DS Virtual programme. Smaller in scale than its big sister in London, with 15 students and 4 projects, the programme was no less hard work, fun, inspiring or efficacious. Inspired by our students and partnering organisations wanting to do Data Science at different times of the year in a more dynamic fashion, the Virtual programme became the new addition to our S2DS repertoire!

And once again without missing a step, shortly thereafter, we launched the Business, Analytics and Data Science Meetup Group. The first one of its kind in London – (you will have noticed we’re all about the firsts!), where business representatives and data scientists can get together to discuss the application of data science and best practices, in an innovative and energised environment including beer and pizza.

maggieandroryThe year was bookended in December by nominations and recognitions when yours truly was elected by BBC Radio 5 Live listeners as a Top 10 Digital Influencer in the UK! The panellists included Maggie Philbin and Rory Cellan-Jones. A truly humbling and nerve wracking experience, talking about what you love to over 3 million listeners world-wide! An amazing experience.

2016 and beyond? As James Baldwin stated there is no limit to what can be achieved, so long as in my interpretation of his quote, you remember your roots and never forget what it took you to get to where you are. At Pivigo, as we prepare for another year of possibilities, we are always grateful to those who join us on our journey. So together, let’s make 2016 the best year yet and let’s celebrate data science!

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