Help Us Find Our Missing Data Science Unicorns!

Today is #UnicornDay and at Pivigo we are pulling together a big campaign to celebrate called #NotMythicalAnymore. The idea is to get data scientists globally to share on social media who they are, and ultimately to show the breadth, diversity, and power of the data science network We’ve built a global interactive map showing that we’ll be updating throughout the day to show unicorns all over the world.

We need your help to find the data science unicorns! We have the coordinates of their location and if you help us find them you will win 1 of our fantastic prizes!

Plus, we will be spending the day sending members of our team and network to organisations in and around London, dressed head to toe as unicorns.

You can join in the celebrations by joining the hashtag #NotMythicalAnymoreand #UnicornDay — we’ve also got hidden small unicorns worldwide and are challenging everyone to find them with our clues and coordinates. We have included all the coordinates below.

Simply send us a photo once you have found a unicorn to @Pivigo to win one of amazing prizes, including our limited edition data science mug!

Happy #UnicornDay!

Lat 51.5328 Long -0.1506 (UK)
Lat 55.8714975 Long -4.3103885
Lat 51.4941776 Long -0.2657435 Hint: Behind Vicky (UK)
Lat 48.1213, Long 11.5501
Lat 41.377676 Long 2.148416
Lat 51.593832, Long -0.130164 (UK)
Lat 51.4775 Long -0.0002 Hint: Tree behind Park View Coffee Cabin (UK)
Lat 51.525583, Long -0.108972 (UK)
Lat 51.525583, Long -0.108972 (UK)
Lat 51.34001690567142 Long -0.1670565409478968 (UK)
Lat 53°14’34.1″N Long 1°55’14.2″W Hint: On top of Solomon’s Temple
Lat 48.1213 Long 11.5501. Hint: It’s located in front of a wonderful co-working/ office space location for the socially-minded entrepreneur. Look under a stone!
Lat 52.345811 Long 4.825141 Hint: in parking for bikes.
Lat 51.31016 Long 0.5579 Hint: 2nd flowerpot on the left (UK)
Lat 51.32364 Long 0.9614 (UK)

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